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Date: Friday 11/08/2019
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: 3311 Shell Road Hampton VA
Link: Click for Event Website
Join Women from around the 7-Citites for weekend of Empowerment, Education & Success Strategies. This event is free to all registered.
About this Event

Friday Evening @7:00PM – Prophetic Thrive Service

Saturday Morning @11AM- Breakfast Empowerment

Speakers Dr. Ngozi, Health Workshop

Speaker Tearanie Parker- Wealth Workshop

Sunday Evening @ 6:00PM- Learning to Thriving through Worship

Speaker Sylvia Hawkins


Speaker Dr. Ngozi, Obi, Author, PharmD

Dr. Ngozi (pronounced en-Goh-zee) M. Obi is an American author of Nigerian Ibo descent whose love for writing has evolved into four published works of fiction to date.

Her journey as a writer began in response to her search for a genre of books with an inspirational message that seamlessly tackle the complexity of life’s concepts with ease. She also found that delving into writing served as an escape and a way to deal with her late mother’s illness and subsequent passing. It allowed her to tap into her vivid imagination and create tangible characters that most people can easily relate to.

Speaker: Tearanie Parker, Funding an Empire, Author

In her new book “Funding an Empire: What My Parents Didn’t Teach Me About Money,” financial educator and business woman, Tearanie Wilson-Parker, is empowering individuals to want to learn more about managing their finances to change the course of their lives. Tearanie asks tough questions about money that make you face the issue you may have, and compels you to admit that your money problems just didn’t start when you got your first job. According to Wilson-Parker, your relationship with money started the first time you watched your dad sigh as he looked at the pile of bills on the table after a hard day of work.

Speaker: Annie Ridgle, Author, Miracles to Destiny

Ann Ridgle is an author, mentor, strategist, business consultant and speaker. A missionary at heart, Ann travels to several countries to build communities of people and minister the pure gospel of Jesus Christ. As a prophetic voice of today, Ann is raising/equipping a company of Apostolic/Prophetic leaders internationally for the Kingdom of God.

Ann founded Chosen Homes in 2019 with four active residences that services disabled homeless veterans and low-income families in the Hampton roads community. She is also the founder of an international apostolic network and training school Gatekeepers University. She is the host of the Prophetic Insight YouTube television broadcast. A trusted mentor and coach to people all over the world.


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